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It's never too late to start saving for the future. Whether your goals are a dream vacation, a new car or even retirement, you can start today and reach your goals.

You can set up an automatic transfer from your First Southeast Bank checking account for a convenient way to build your savings. You just choose the amount and frequency of the transfer. A First Southeast Bank Savings account is a great place to keep your money safe while watching it grow.

Personal Savings Individual Retirement Account IRA Savings
Traditional & Roth
Health Savings Account HSA
(must have a high deductible health plan)
Money Market Deposit Account MMDA Certificate of Deposits
3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48 & 60 months
Minimum Balance $1.00
Must have $50.00 to
earn interest
Must have $1,000 to earn interest
3 & 6 month - $2,500.00
All remaining terms - $500.00
Monthly Service Charge No No No No
Not at this time
Withdrawal Fees No No Bank Fee * No No
Not at this time
Yes, penalty may apply for early withdrawal
Interest Available
contact us for our current rates
Must have $50.00 to earn interest
Yes Yes Yes
Must have $1,000 to earn interest
Check Writing Privileges No No Yes Yes No
Debit / ATM Card ATM only No Debit Card only Debit Card only No

* IRS may impose a penalty for early withdrawals

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Personal Savings

A basic savers plan

  • No interest accrues on days the balance is below $50.00
  • Automatic transfers limited to 6 per month.


  • Interest will be compounded every quarter. Interest will be credited to your account every quarter.
  • ATM card available.
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Individual Retirement Account IRA Savings

No one wants to pay taxes and we at First Southeast Bank have investment opportunities to help you minimize the taxes you may owe. Our Individual Retirement Accounts allow you to minimize your taxes now with a Traditional IRA or minimize your taxes in the future with tax-free earnings through a ROTH IRA.

Don’t forget – at First Southeast Bank we offer Coverdell Education Savings Accounts to help you save for the future education of members of your family and Health Savings Accounts for our customers who have a high deductible health insurance plan!

What ever type of account you require, make sure to stop in and visit with our investment professionals who will work with you to develop a plan to save those hard earned tax dollars. Let us help you to save more today for tomorrow!

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Health Savings Account HSA

A Health Savings Account or HSA is a tax advantaged medical savings account that is owned by the individual. They are designed to be used in conjunction with a High Deductible Health Insurance Plan. The money contributed to the account is not subject to federal tax at the time of deposit (Pre-Tax Dollars). Funds in a Health Savings Account can be used to pay all eligible medical related expenses not covered by your Health Insurance Plan.

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Money Market Deposit Account MMDA

  • Savings account that earns a higher rate of interest
  • Checks can be written on this account


  • Minimum balance to open $1,000.00
  • Automatic transfers or withdrawals are limited to 6 per month
  • Minimum $1,000.00 to earn interest


  • Higher rate of interest than regular savings
  • Interest will be compounded monthly and paid monthly
  • Debit Card Available


  • There are no fees associated with this account at this time
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Certificate of Deposits

At First Southeast Bank we offer a wide selection of investment opportunities through certificates of deposit. With maturities as short as 3 months to as long as 5 years, we are certain you will be able to find a term that is just right for you. All of our certificates offer a competitive rate of return however a minimum deposit requirement may be required and certificates may be subject to a penalty for early withdrawal.

For all your investment solutions, please contact any of our staff who will be happy to provide you with the current terms and rates for our certificates of deposit programs.

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